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Magical Lying Hour and Pronoia Theater are coming to Madison December 7th and 8th! We’ve partnered with Monkey Business Institute to offer two fantastic workshops the afternoon of the 8th. Both workshops take place at the Vault at 1709 S Park St..

You may register in advance here, or show up on the day.

Payment may be made at the door, or can sent in advance to


$30 each or $50 for both!

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From Premise to Page: A Survey of Sketch Development Tools (12:30-2:30 P.M.)

The greatest challenge for most beginning sketch writers is taking ideas they know to be funny and developing them into full dramatic scenes. This workshop gives the writer practical tools to develop sketches from the smallest ideas through the lenses of characters, theme, environment, and even nothing at all! These exercises will allow you to know that you are working from a strong foundation before putting fingers to keyboard.

The Visible Partner: Body on Stage (3-5 P.M.)

A workshop for all things visible (that the players control).  An exploration of the individual self, its place in space, and how it relates to others sharing the stage.  Performers will learn the Six Levels of Contact and the power of maintaining and transitioning through them to energize their scenes and add meaning to everything they do.  It is highly recommended that you bring a water bottle as well as a yoga mat if you are not comfortable working directly on the floor.
NOTICE:  This workshop deals with physical contact.  You, the student, are the ultimate authority on your comfort level.  There will be a conversation at the beginning to establish boundaries and limitations.  A performer has the right to adjust these at any time. 



Aaron Garrett- Aaron Garrett has taught sketch comedy for five years and improv for three. He co-founded the influential sketch comedy group Be Kind To Strangers, which is Houston’s longest tenured group of its kind, and created Magical Lying Hour, Houston’s most traveled improv show, which also held residencies at the Beacon Theater in Houston and Alamo City Improv in San Antonio, Texas. As a teacher he developed the curriculum used by Station Theater, where he serves as their head of scripted content. While at Station he created and managed the performing group Blue Shift, which created a new sketch show each month from May 2017 to November of 2018.


Steven Saltsman- Steven Saltsman has taught improv for over ten years, and has been hailed with his partner Jim as being “Houston’s answer to TJ and Dave.” For many years he was the co-owner of Station Theater in Houston, TX, where he designed the improv curriculum and also served as conservatory director. He was responsible for the casting and coaching of many of Houston’s favorite troupes. He is a graduate of iO Chicago and the Second City Conservatory.