Conspiring to Entertain
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About Pronoia Theater

Pronoia Theater means theater that seeks first to entertain but also to improve the people who bless us with their time, attention, and hard-earned money. We believe that comedy need not mean simple, that silly does not mean stupid, and that funny can be affecting. 

Through live shows and film we want to bring our diverse brand of performance to as many people as we can and share our thoughts on acting, writing, improvisation, and design with fellow creators as they share theirs with us.

Pronoia Theater was created by Aaron Garrett in 2017 as an umbrella project to unite his various creative projects, most notably Be Kind To Strangers (Sketch,) Magical Lying Hour (Theatrical Improvisation,) and 2H Club (Improv.)

Frequent collaborators include Steven Saltsman, Dennis Budde, Andrew Stout, Liz Castillo, Boiling Point Players, Ruth McCleskey, Autumn Clack, Monica Marcha, Alison Coriel, Ronnie McLaren, the fine people of Station Theater, and so many others.