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Conspiring to Entertain

Pronoia Theater

Pronoia Theater entertains by any means necessary. Through sketch, improv, and traditional theater Pronoia wants to make your life fuller through laughter and wit.

Featuring some of Houston’s finest theatrical minds Pronoia works with the best to produce the best we can.

Conspiring to Entertain


We are the only theater company dedicated to bring original sketch comedy and alternative theatrical improv to the good people of Houston and the poor unfortunate souls outside of the loop.


Sketch Comedy

Be Kind To Strangers is Houston’s longest running sketch comedy troupe. Through more than twenty-five productions Be Kind To Strangers has brought their character-driven works to stages all over the country.

Be Kind To Strangers currently premieres a new show every month in conjunction with Eureka Heights brewery.


Who Captains this Ship of Fools?

Short answer: Houston's most most experienced improv teacher and most prolific writer/performer decided to join forces to bring a level of commitment to buffoonery the likes of which this city has never seen.

Acting and Improv Together at Last

Click to find out why Magical Lying Hour is Houston’s most traveled improv production: having toured to eight states, and held performing residencies in two cities simultaneously, all while making people laugh, cry, and everything in-between.

For the 2019-2020 season Magical Lying Hour has a residency at Company Onstage in Houston, TX. Details and dates to come soon.