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Be Kind To Strangers Sketch

Be Kind To Strangers

Be Kind To Strangers was founded by Aaron Garrett and Dustin Tannahill in 2012 and has since become Houston's longest running sketch comedy troupe. Throughout its history Be Kind To Strangers has made distinct sketch comedy through weaving the wildly unique voices of the group's writers into a braided whole. From 2013-2016 Be Kind To Strangers produced a new show bimonthly at Station Theater in Houston, and since then has focused on annual feature length productions.


A Midsummer Night's Dream: Now With More Words!

Our latest full length show premiered in June of 2017. A Midsummer Night's Dream: Now with More Words! was written by Dennis Budde & Aaron Garrett and followed Twelve unlikely heroes as they lived their lives and accidentally fell into the plot of Midsummer Night's Dream in a forest outside of Brenham, TX.


Be Kind To Strangers: Big Black Castle

Be Kind To Strangers: Big Black Castle is the latest project from Be Kind To Strangers! Returning to their radio roots Be Kind To Strangers will feature new sketches and old favorites lovingly put into the most creatively expedient medium.


Creative Team and Frequent Collaborators

Over the years Be Kind To Strangers has had the privilege of working with many skilled artists. Some have only joined us for one show while others have joined the team for a short period.