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Magical Lying Hour

Magical Lying Hour

By Jesse Garson

By Jesse Garson


Roger Anderson and Cassie Randall (Firebird Photos)

Aaron Garrett and Rachel Schlossman

Magical Lying Hour excites and entertains through heartfelt conversations in ridiculous situations. 

               Each show features actors and improvisers. The actors have prepared scenes like they would for any other play they might do, and the improvisers, as always have no clue who they will be or what they will do. 

               Without changing their lines, the actor must perform in the world as the improviser creates it, and the improviser must contend with new information as the actor presents it. The result is a funny and powerful new work neither would have come to on their own. 

        Founded in 2014 with a revolving cast headed by Aaron Garrett, Ruth Hirsch, and Steven Saltsman, Magical Lying Hour quickly became one of Houston's most beloved and sought after shows. Magical Lying Hour has held residencies at Beacon Theater in Houston and Alamo City Improv in San Antonio, and has performed at the Del Close Marathon, Chicago Improv Festival, Alaska State Improv Festival, and more! 

            Magical Lying Hour is a thrilling and entertaining show that isn't afraid to commit to the scene whether that means the silliness of an attic alchemy experiment or the seriousness of a soldier returning from war. 


Ruth Hirsch and Steven Saltsman

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