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Dirty Pop!

Dirty Pop!

Jesse Garson-Poster Design

Blue Shift XVII

Date Premiered: August 31st, 2018

Directed by: Kelly Juneau

Stage Manager: Alison Biehl

Written by: Josh Bass, Kylie Cooney, John Doan, Aaron Garrett, and Krishna Surasi,

Cast: Jefferey Anderson, Rebecca Bernstein, Sara Denton, Caryn Fulda, Alex Garrett, Jesse Garson, Sarah Keller, Qasim Makkani, and Jamie West

Script (PDF)

Cast and Crew

Cast and Crew

Dirty Pop! takes a break from all the problems of the world to ask “Really though what’s up with the Bachelor?”

From Gilligan’s Island to God You Me and Dupree-ing his way through eternity, Dirty Pop! will be sure to leave you laughing in recognition.

Logic Girl (Rebecca Bernstein,) weighs a dilemma presented by the nefarious Emotionatrix (Sara Denton)